December 5, 2023

Agravitae expands nationally with its direct sales/network marketing opportunity

Agravitae Luxury Skincare

“You can feel good representing and consuming these products because they are better for you and better for the environment.”

Everyone wants graviola, but you couldn’t get it before now.

Graviola is one of the tropical region’s best-kept secrets, prized by locals for centuries for its abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. But it is very rare in other parts of the world because it is difficult to grow and transport.

Agravitae and partner TKO Farms are the first to solve the problem of getting naturally finicky graviola from seed to shelf. They are single-handedly behind graviola’s emergence into the American superfood category.

“Agravitae is practically cornering the graviola market,” confirms founder and president Ken Owen. “Our foundation is solid. We are also vertically integrated. We control each product throughout its life cycle, including supply chain and quality control. He adds: “We own the patents on our processes.

Represent premium lifestyle products with an eco focus

Agravitae is passionate about working with top experts in their respective fields and sourcing the best ingredients possible, to develop one-of-a-kind products that expand the reach of the graviola market. Its current range of graviola-infused products includes luxury skin care products, cocoa bars and coffee bars as well as the world’s first artisanal graviola herbal tea.

“We take familiar products and make them better, more in line with the buying trends of today’s consumers. We are innovators in the category of virtually recession-proof luxury spending. You won’t run out of items to sell,” says Owen.

Agravitae is also a company steeped in gratitude and appreciation for all that nature provides. With this opportunity, the company brings together a community of like-minded individuals who value a commitment to sustainability and a desire to work hard while giving back to the local community and mother earth.

Owen explains, “You can feel good representing and consuming these products because they are better for you and better for the environment.

New Independent Business Owners (IBOs) on the ground floor of something big

Those who represent Agravitae will be part of a revolutionary movement, the first in the American health and wellness industry to introduce premium graviola products. “In addition to a strong management team, you’ll be backed by a robust marketing campaign and back-office support. IBOs will earn commissions and bonuses on everything their team sells, along with other rewards and incentives.

Whether you want to add Agravitae to your existing business or start building your own business without involving a franchise, it’s time to consider if this opportunity is right for you.

About Agravitae

Agravitae is an innovative supplier and marketer of luxury graviola-infused health, wellness and skincare products. Using a truly holistic product development approach, steeped in tradition, grounded in science, and driven by the belief that true health is living in harmony with the law of nature, nutrient-dense, Graviola-infused products ‘Agravitae are now available to consumers worldwide.

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