September 30, 2022

Which 5G network provider has the widest range? We consider Telstra, Optus and Vodafone

Since 5G began rolling out in Australia in 2019, it has expanded to cover around 75% of the Australian population. But the question remains: how many Australians can actually get their phones on this network?

The answer of course depends on the network provider you choose for your mobile internet experience. In Australia, the three main networks are Telstra, Vodafone and Optus. They are all competing in the race to deliver super-fast 5G internet to phones nationwide.

Let’s check how the race is going:

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Is Optus 5G available?

Optus offers 5G in some capitals. This will be good for the city population, but unfortunately their network coverage is limited to only major capitals.

Optus has been a little late to the party on its 5G rollout. As things stand, Optus has focused its efforts on covering the city centers of coastal capitals. Where they have expanded to regional areas, as seen in the photo above, they only have a few scattered towers here and there.

These purple dots indicate the presence of a 5G tower, for example they have a high concentration in central Melbourne, but only a handful in Ballarat and Geelong. You can view Optus’ full coverage map here.

When it comes to 5G plans, Optus offers a range of postpaid plans that can access the 5G network, as well as a number of prepaid plans.

Vodafone 5G coverage map

Like Optus, Vodafone tried to connect major Australian cities to the 5G network before expanding into regional areas. Based on these coverage maps provided by the networks, it looks like Vodafone has quite extensive coverage in major cities.

In New South Wales, its network extends from Newcastle to Kiama, with decent coverage in Canberra as well. Their 5G coverage barely extends into the Blue Mountains, but regional customers will also be able to use Vodafone’s regional 4G network and extensive 3G coverage.

Based on coverage maps Supplied by Vodafone, they have more 5G towers across the country than Optus, but still fewer than Telstra.

Telstra 5G coverage map takes the cake

Not all networks can guarantee high-speed 5G coverage to people in rural towns, but as Australia’s largest network operator, Telstra has invested heavily to bring a significant number of rural towns to 5G network access. .

Admittedly, covering the whole of Australia is quite a monumental task. The map above shows what it takes to deliver 5G coverage to a country as big and empty as Australia.

While Optus and Vodafone have kept their 5G coverage mostly confined to coastal towns, stra has made considerable efforts to promote mobile broadband internet coverage in remote locations from Cairns to Warrnambool.

Telstra also offers 5G home broadband packages, which means that beyond mobile, you can configure your whole home to benefit from the super-fast speeds possible on 5G.

5G phones and 5G mobile plans

Thinking of boosting your phone’s Tik-Tokking capabilities? Want to download a feature film in seconds? If you answered yes to any of these questions, 5G mobile internet might be the answer for you.

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