September 30, 2022

What Matters in Your Network Marketing Business | ANIP consultant


What matters in your network marketing business is not how much money you have. It’s not money that buys you a future; your skills do. You are always impoverished if you have neither money nor skills. Where are you if you have no money and no ambition? You are broke because you have no money and no courage. We just need a little money and a lot of confidence.

When looking for people, don’t always go for the rich. Money is irrelevant. What matters is someone’s will, ingenuity and willingness to try. If they have a dollar to invest, that’s more than enough for me. I can teach you how to get rich for a dollar and a little ambition, and it will become one of the legendary stories of the company. When I recruited someone and he said: “I don’t have any money”, I said to him: “I’ve been looking for you for six months! Let me show you how to do it for free.”

Because the rules of capitalism are: you can either buy and sell or, if certain conditions are met, sell and buy. That’s if you have ambition. Now, if you don’t have ambition, we can’t help you, and money can’t help you either. However, if you have a dollar and some ambition, I will show you how to get rich. Even if you don’t have a dollar, I’ll show you how to get rich by selling and buying. “As soon as the thing arrives, I’ll sell it,” someone said. No, no, you don’t understand. If you say I have to wait for the goods to arrive, you don’t understand the miracle of fortune. And you are probably not aware of the meaning of your story.

By selling and buying, you are simply sharing your enthusiasm for the goods and the opportunity. When the consumer says yes, request payment and then collect the product. After three or four attempts you will be able to buy and sell, but never let money stand in the way of an opportunity when you have real ambition, faith and courage.

So, let’s take it all back and break it down some more. We all understand the importance of having plenty of capital when starting a business or a business, whether full-time or part-time (money). But I’m sure we’ve all heard of people who started with nothing and then created a fortune. This is especially true in the network marketing industry. I believe there are things more valuable than money that could lead to your entrepreneurial success in building a successful network marketing business.