June 29, 2022

VCU Health to be Networked Provider to Home Market in Richmond Area Next Year | Richmond Local News

VCU Medical Center.

DANIEL SANGJIB MIN / time-dispatch

By KATIE O’CONNOR Richmond Times-Dispatch

After reaching an agreement with health insurer Cigna, VCU Health has secured its place next year as a network option in the retail market in the Richmond area.

Before that deal was struck last week, HCA Virginia was the only network choice for anyone buying a plan in the individual Henrico and Chesterfield counties market, as well as Richmond.

“I think that, mutually, all parties are happy that we were able to come to an agreement,” said Sheryl Garland, VCU Health vice president for health policy and community relations.

Networking benefits for Cigna members will begin Jan. 1, according to a statement from VCU Health, although the health system is not listed as networked on Cigna’s website or HealthCare.gov until this date.

Cigna members will be able to receive care from a VCU Health doctor and pay their regular membership fee. As an off-grid provider, the insurer would not have had to cover VCU Health’s service at all, according to the plan.

The change takes place exactly two weeks after the start of open registrations. It is scheduled to end on December 15th.

So far, 1.48 million people have signed up for plans nationwide, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.