August 7, 2022

Travel agency network marketing scams a lot; 2 outfits

Two siblings who run a travel services company in West Bengaluru have been arrested for cheating on dozens in the name of network marketing.

Prashanth B and Rekha had established a company called Dream To Fly Pvt Ltd, which offered tour packages to Goa, Shirdi, Mysuru and Hyderabad as well as overseas destinations such as Thailand, Malaysia and Dubai. The packages cost between Rs 13,000 and Rs 58,000.

The company has encouraged its clients to become “independent distributors” and earn up to 25% commission on each successful referral. Bonuses and other benefits were also promised on the turnover. But customers who have become distributors have seldom received the promised incentives. Google’s reviews of the company are replete with negative comments.

This was not Prashanth’s first run-in with the law. In 2017, he was hired by Chandra Layout to market questionable schemes through a website and brochures. But he got bail in this case and then opened an office in Girinagar. His last base was Sir MV Layout 5th Block. The office was opened in the names of Rekha and their mother Sundari.

The CCB received information about the company’s transactions and decided to investigate. Jagannath Rai, Deputy Police Commissioner (Economic Crimes Wing), put Inspector Manju J to work. A CCB team raided the office on Monday and arrested the siblings.

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