September 30, 2022

Syed Ali Naqvi explains how network marketing made him a successful entrepreneur

Posted: Posted Date – 5:22 PM, Fri – 9 Sep 22

From working as a cleaner to becoming a millionaire at just 33, Syed Ali Naqvi’s life is nothing short of a movie. The young financial wizard has rocked the whole of the UK, and it’s all down to the network marketing field. Coming from a humble background in Pakistan, such things were not always accessible to people like him, but with his passion and interest, Syed made it possible for himself and emerged victorious.

After working as a cleaner, Syed’s next job was at a fast food restaurant where he worked as a manager, and that’s where he came across network marketing. He shares, “I was introduced to network marketing when I was working at a fast food restaurant. I have always had an interest here, and I was lucky enough to meet someone while working who had knowledge in the field.”

Sharing further, Syed says, “While working at the restaurant, I had the opportunity to attend seminars and classes to deepen my understanding of network marketing. It gave me the opportunity to build relationships with customers and provide them with service. The goal was to sell or promote a product to a buyer, which I found both exciting and challenging. Syed even received a certificate for his work in networking, and this laurel became all the more special when his mother came from Pakistan to see him receive it before her eyes.

However, all of this success comes from motivating Syed to do more and do more. The young tycoon is looking to expand his business and is currently working hard on it. “I’m developing my real estate and venturing into the hotel business. I intend to expand my business internationally and take it to the next level. I always want more out of life. There is always more to do and I know that will always be the driving force in me,” he concludes.