September 30, 2022

Subtonomy adds high-speed network support

Customer and network experience platform provider Subtonomy has added high-speed network support to its network experience platform. This means that communications service providers can now benefit from a fully converged view of the network experience they deliver to individual customers in real time, allowing them to effectively monitor the experience, remediate proactively meet customer service expectations, control costs and develop new quality solutions. capital-based products regardless of the distribution network.

Broadband networks continue to expand around the world. Point Topic calculates that there were just over 1.2 billion fixed broadband subscribers in 2021, up 85 million connections from the previous year, with most coming from Asia. But demand from existing subscribers for faster speeds and more reliable broadband networks is also growing rapidly, driven by the needs of bandwidth-intensive and quality-of-service-sensitive services such as gaming, UHD streaming and communications. video ; the proliferation of smart home devices; and the demands of working from home.

These trends are leading to considerable and rapid upgrading of broadband networks as countries make them gigabit-ready to bridge the digital divide and ensure they are well positioned for the future digital economy. Analyst firm Analysys Mason predicts this will result in an increase in global fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) coverage from 43% at the end of 2020 to 57% by the end of 2026. In a For the foreseeable future, however, broadband networks will be delivered over a combination of network types – traditional copper, cable, full fiber, fixed, mobile and even satellite (LEO) wireless access.

But speed isn’t everything. As they become increasingly dependent on the network, broadband customers need their connections to be reliable. And when things go wrong, they expect them to be fixed quickly. Research from Subtonomy found that more than a quarter of customers (26%) now expect 24/7 support and 1 in 3 (29%) won’t wait more than five minutes to receive it. But hybrid networks, complex and demanding applications, and impatient customers create a perfect storm of demands for customer service teams. Without a change in approach, CSPs risk skyrocketing costs, frustrated customers, and increased churn.

Subtonomy notes that it has provided insight to mobile CSPs for the past 10 years, successfully retaining all of our customers. Today, it extends this support to broadband and fiber networks. The same functionality is now available to support all customers, across all networks and all customer service channels. “In the 10 years that Subtonomy has supported mobile CSPs, our customers’ needs have changed,” observes Fredrik Edwall, SVP Sales & Marketing at Subtonomy. . “Many now offer both mobile and broadband services, or have identified the broadband market as where they want to expand. In response, we’ve extended our market-leading mobile network experience platform to support broadband and gigabit fiber networks. This enables CSPs to deliver the kind of fast digital support that customers increasingly expect — regardless of service or network technology — from a single screen.

Subtonomy says its approach brings unique benefits:

  • Unified, accurate and real-time data – Subtonomy’s platform gathers data from mobile and broadband networks (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G NSA, 5G SA, broadband and gigabit fiber) in real time to provide an accurate and up-to-date view of the network experience of customers in a single window.
  • One Source, Many Users – real-time experience data is available across the organization for operations teams, customer support, self-service platforms, digital channels (including chatbots), marketing, sales and sales teams.
  • Non disruptive – Subtonomy can reuse a wide range of data sources to minimize CSP disruption.
  • Digital autonomy – Accurate, real-time data is transmitted to all channels simultaneously, enabling customers to resolve their own issues through self-service or other digital channels. This resolves 90% of queries through proactive self-service.

With the help of Subtonomy, CSPs can now deliver a new support standard fit for the Gigabit era, differentiate themselves and position themselves as a provider of a quality network experience. Its gigabit broadband and fiber solution is now in production with its customers and available for general release to service providers worldwide.