September 30, 2022

Salisbury RFC and Southampton FC Academy Network support Sport Uganda

MULTIPLE sports kit donations are being sent to Uganda to get ‘a second life’, enabling hard to reach communities and young people to participate in sports and games.

It comes after a sports organization confessed that the sports scene in Uganda was ‘either dead or in a sorry state’.

The aim is to encourage young people across Uganda to get involved and see their country shine.

The donations were made by Salisbury Rugby Football Club (RFC) and the Southampton FC Academy Network and will go towards a development programme.

Andrew Byekwaso, CEO of Sports Uganda Ltd UK, said: “Sporting personalities who have risen through the ranks to win accolades at national, regional and international level have either been self-taught or by ‘accidental’ revelation to sports administration. of the country and the specific districts from which they originate.

“The state of sports infrastructure in all parts of Uganda is either dead or in a terrible state.”

The mission is to lead the country into a competitive world of sports, games and recreation.

Andrew added: “A simple thing like a football or rugby ball that we take for granted here in the UK is a rarity in Uganda for children and young people to play sport.

“These donations will impact the whole community and give young people the opportunity to show off their skills and come together through sport.”

Jason Yarwood, Head of Youth Development at Salisbury RFC, said: “Developing kids’ rugby and making it as accessible as possible is a passion of mine.

“The Salisbury RFC Board fully supports the drive to make rugby accessible to all. It is a great pleasure to donate equipment to the Sports Uganda cause.

“It’s good that the equipment we used has a second life. We wish the best for the future of Uganda’s desire to place sport at the heart of the way of life.

The donated kit will benefit the satellite primary school program in Uganda.

Andrew thanked everyone who volunteered their time and resources and helped bring it all together.

More information about the Sports Uganda initiative can be found on their website.

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