September 30, 2022

Network Support for SoupBus – Ballarat Times

Over the past few months, the Ballarat Business Women Network has raised hundreds of dollars for a key emergency relief operation.

The organization raised $880 for The SoupBus, collecting gold coins and cash donations, and holding raffles at their regular networking events.

Ballarat Business Women President Margi Cousins ​​said the SoupBus is a cause the group has long supported and will continue to do so.

“We are a first world country and over 500 people sleep rough every night in Ballarat. Consider doing this on our freezing winter nights,” she said.

“Many of these struggling people are women who have been impacted by domestic violence, and this has been exacerbated by COVID lockdowns and pressures.

“As a women’s group, we strive to support groups that restore women’s dignity if they have nowhere to go and live their lives in fear for themselves and their children. That shouldn’t happen here in Ballarat.

Ms Cousins ​​said that when The SoupBus runs out of particular supplies or needs maintenance, the network spreads the word to members and beyond, collecting and donating money or items wanted by the community. bus team.

“The larger the sphere of influence, the better the outcome. Ballarat will dig deep if they know,” she said.

The SoupBus accepts financial donations that will benefit the entire project, but still need supplies like tea, coffee, sugar, and non-perishables like canned meals.