May 21, 2022

Network Support Engineer – IT-Online

Job details: duties and responsibilities
Solution design
Planning the design and implementation of infrastructure
Consulting with clients to specify design requirements and solutions
Recommend improvements to existing solutions
Complete understanding of a VPN configuration, support and equipment design Implement infrastructure under change control processes
Configuration, maintenance and management of installed equipment
Proactively plan and install device firmware upgrades, releases, and upgrades.
Documentation of Support configurations
Provide technical support to internal and external customers / remote sites
Monitor all networks / identify problem areas
Manage and respond to support tickets in a timely manner Troubleshoot and resolve issues
Network performance monitoring
Work with IT support staff
Administer and support the network People skills Work with service providers o Ensure maintenance contracts are in place
Relationship with clients in a professional manner
Excellent communication skills with clients Security
Ensure the environment is protected from external threats Good understanding of firewalls and configuration
Antivirus / surveillance installations
Threat detection and analysis
Understanding of certificates
Evaluate industry trends and assist in the implementation of standards and best practices.
Produce relevant reports for internal management
Provide costs in project budgets and CAPEX documentation to reflect all processes and procedures
Define network policies and procedures

The successful incumbent must demonstrate excellent skills in the area of ​​network administration, including both LAN and WAN. They must be a professional person, with excellent communication skills, client-oriented, who strives for excellence in everything they do. While being process oriented, they will be a team player who believes in supporting clients and colleagues in making necessary improvements. They should work well both in and out of supervision and be comfortable with a fast paced environment of network and customer support issues.

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