November 25, 2022

Network support and data-driven fault isolation

How to best manage the complexity of the network? This is a question frequently asked by service providers in their quest to simplify the operation of their virtualized networks. As part of reinventing business models for greater efficiency and a better networking experience, one area of ​​interest that has been identified is problem identification and fault isolation, where traditional support at the product level is simply no longer sufficient.

Symptomatic effects of a disruption can become apparent in many different layers throughout the network, and these are often affected by the interworking of neighboring products, requiring a vendor-independent approach. Effective network-level fault isolation depends on interlocking timely data capture and access to the skills to address the root cause (s) of the problem.

Why data-based fault isolation via network media?

Service providers are looking to apply new techniques to solve network outage isolation issues, improving their ability to operate complex virtualized networks and effectively navigate 5G ecosystems. Isolating a network problem can be a very long and complicated process, and in-depth domain expertise is often required for effective data analysis to try to determine the source of the fault. Meanwhile, the networking experience is increasingly threatened.

Ericsson’s network support alleviates the burden of fault isolation on the service provider’s operations teams, as we work closely together, leveraging data-driven techniques and our vast global learnings. What begins with discovering an S-KPI degradation, an intermittent site problem, or signs of increased dropped calls, could involve analyzing a large amount of data to isolate the underlying cause of the problem. problem. And the cause is not always clearly identified by an alarm or alarm correlation.

Enabling informed decisions in real time is essential. So that those on the front line can make quick and accurate decisions about the root causes of a problem, we take advantage of remote diagnostics and guided troubleshooting. This way, operations and field technicians can isolate faults faster and with increased accuracy within a single visit – or even before they go to a site.

Isolate complex network issues in minutes or hours instead of days

At Ericsson, we have focused on solving network complexity and fault isolation issues faced by the service provider. This work culminated in the launch of our Network Support offering, designed to help. Our ability to take a data-driven and knowledge-centric approach enables us to effectively address end-to-end multidomain networks. We leverage a unique set of support assets that help quickly isolate hardware and software failures and resolve issues quickly.

The service provider no longer faces the risk of protracted incidents without the necessary network protection or ready-to-go support resources.

Using Ericsson’s extensive global knowledge base designed to identify the plausible cause (s) of a problem, our network support has already made it easy:

  • reduction of fault isolation time by up to 50 percent
  • clear isolation of any hardware problem and identification of its root causes, which helps prevent up to 25% of site visits

Network Support paves the way for solving complex fault isolation issues for the service provider as we move forward together on our journey towards the evolution of the 5G network.

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