May 21, 2022

Network provider boosts online speeds for Blandford

A BROADBAND service provider is working with Dorset Council to improve online connections in a county town whose current estimated speeds are well below the UK average.

Currently, existing broadband speeds in Blandford are around 54.22 megabytes per second (mps), according to Gigaclear which says the average across the country is over 80 mps.

The company is currently working with Dorset Council to improve online connections and says its full fiber optic network upgrade is expected to bring speeds of up to 900Mbps to over 6,000 homes and business premises in Blandford Forum. and in parts of Blandford St Mary.

Jo Scarrott, Managing Director of Gigaclear in the South West, said: “We are delighted to be able to take such a collaborative approach to our first commercial project in Dorset, working closely with the council to provide a boost Broadband essential.

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“Access to functional broadband is essential in today’s world, for education, working from home, running a business, entertainment and connecting with loved ones.

“We are proud to bring high speed internet to the people and businesses of the Blandford Forum.”

Gigaclear designs, builds and operates an ultra-fast full fiber broadband network in rural central and southern England.

Since its inception in 2010, their network has reached over 450 communities in 22 counties.

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The company says construction of the project is “not without its complexities” with cobblestones in the town being restored, complicating the trenching process needed to lay the 33,000 meters of fiber needed to build the network.

Working with Dorset Council, the broadband network service provider uses existing ductwork and broadband pole infrastructure and will remediate any trench work to ‘the highest possible standard’.

Construction of Gigaclear’s network at Blandford Forum is already underway and the first live connections are expected for homes and businesses in the summer of this year.

Those who live in the Blandford area and wish to check if their property can connect to the network are advised to do so using the postcode checker tool on the Gigaclear website.