September 30, 2022

Jim Cornette Blasts Vince Russo Over USA Network Consultants Claims

Jim Cornette has criticized recent claims by Vince Russo who said he worked as a consultant for the USA Network on Monday Night Raw.

On August 28, Vince Russo became the talk of the wrestling world after claiming he had secretly worked as a consultant for USA Network. The former WWE and WCW head writer said he had worked on Monday Night Raw for two years, with his contract ending just after WrestleMania 38.

Moreover, he claimed that Vince McMahon was fully aware of his role, despite having been “very well paid” for his work.

Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, experience manager-turned-podcaster Jim Cornette denied the claims, before slamming the writer as a “pr*ck backstabbing”.

If Vince McMahon didn’t let his own creators, his own wrestlers, his own family members go their own way. You think he gon’ change the fuckin’ schedule ’cause it’s shit [Vince Russo] gets a job as a consultant to a random USA Network executive. Oh, I’m sure he was calling a lot of punches. So while I’d like to blame sh*tstain for the downward trajectory of the Raw schedule over the past two years, no, I don’t think he had anything to do with it.

I think if USA Network was paying him, it was probably because a dipsh*t exec had just given him a couple grand a week. Now, for sh*tstain, that was something he would describe as being very, very well paid for a television network to hire a consultant. You know, and they probably got buyer’s remorse pretty quickly and just said ‘Oh shit, we screwed up, never mind. We signed the guy to a contract, so we’ll just send him his meager check. But I remain skeptical about all of this. »

Cornette pointed to Russo’s previous comments where he offered to help WWE and AEW, while apparently being employed by USA Network.

“You know, you can’t believe sh*tstain even though his tongue is notarized, you gotta dig deep into everything he says. And now here’s another thing. He got paid by his own admission, or by his own claim by the US network to check out Raw for two years.

Over the past two years, he’s repeatedly said, “Well, I tried to talk Vince McMahon into letting me help him.” And then he did shows about the last email exchange he ever had with Vince McMahon. Then he talked about “I could help Tony Khan”. If only he gave me the opportunity to save his program…’ while he was being paid by USA Network to help the WWE program, he tries to convince Tony Khan to pay him to help the AW program?

That sting in the back is gonna fucking drive anyone nuts. He was never honest, he was never faithful. He was never loyal, he was never trustworthy. And he will find a way in his head to explain how he is the victim or if he is not the only one to blame. Or is it the fucking guy trying to do good and everyone’s against him as he chops the nuts off all his co-workers and stabs every boss he’s ever had in the back trying to get away with it? get a better job.

Vince Russo is best known for serving as WWE’s Editor-in-Chief from 1997 until 1999, when he joined WCW. After his release from WCW, Russo returned to WWE for two weeks in 2002, before leaving the company again. In recent years, he has worked with TNA/IMPACT Wrestling.

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