August 7, 2022

International speaker Giordano Carretta talks about the importance of network marketing.

Giordano Carretta helps entrepreneurs turn their passion for health into successful businesses through network marketing.

Public speakers inherently have meaning with words, and Giordano Carretta uses it to help people grow their business. “My mission is to help entrepreneurs turn their passion for health into multiple six-figure businesses.”

Each person has an origin story, and for Giordano, his story begins when one of his passions ends. Growing up in Italy, Giordano was completely immersed in football until an injury shattered his dreams and left him scrambling to start his life over.

Deciding not to give up, Giordano moved to the United States in 2012 with nothing prepared and started a whole new life. He explains that his first three years in the United States proved to be very difficult, especially since he managed to amass up to $30,000 in debt. Giordano worked as a busboy and a football coach, which was barely enough to cover his bills, let alone put food on his table.

Unwilling to give in to struggles, Giordano stumbled upon network marketing in 2015, and after seeing what was possible in this industry, he fell in love with it. As he learned the ropes, he found himself quitting his other jobs to focus on network marketing and has now turned his life around. He has now managed to make over $10,000,000 in sales and has helped many of his team members earn six figure incomes.

Giordano Carretta explains that network marketing is crucial to the success of a business in today’s world. With network marketing, people can earn more money, thereby gaining financial and time freedom. Giordano also points out that while most people think network marketing is complicated, getting into it is very easy. It gives people the opportunity to achieve their dreams, experience personal growth, help others, and have no caps on their income.

network marketing also fits perfectly into the current consumer landscape. Customers want to feel connected to businesses, and network marketing does just that. To succeed in the network marketing space, Giordano points out that entrepreneurs must develop unshakable beliefs, have big dreams, big vision, and only listen to people who get the results they want.

As an internationally acclaimed speaker, Giordano has built his network marketing business from the ground up and has become a voice for business owners to heed. He has created masterclasses detailing how entrepreneurs can leverage their passion for building multi-million dollar businesses.

“Network marketing isn’t just about my success,” says Giordano, “it’s about helping the people around me find their passions, elevate their mindset, and succeed in their businesses.”

Mindset is one of the central points of Giordano’s masterclass. He explains that mindset is everything and entrepreneurs need to have the right mindset to be successful. Where most people focus on everything they lack, he urges people to change their mindset and focus on what they have and the things they can achieve. “Our dreams are bigger than our problems,” he notes.

As Giordano continues to preach the gospel of network marketing, he invites entrepreneurs to listen to his masterclass and follow his story to learn life-changing things. Follow him on social media and his Youtube channel for more insight and wisdom.

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