May 21, 2022

How We Built The World’s First Real Estate Network Marketing Company – Dr Jayne Onwumere, CEO, PWAN – The Sun Nigeria

Doctor. Jayne Obioma Onwumere, commonly referred to as OJ Onwumere, is the Chief Executive Officer of PWAN Group. PWAN stands for Property World Africa Network, the world’s first real estate network marketing company, established by her and her husband in 2012. In this interview, she talks about her business and how she feels as she adds another year.

It’s your birthday. How does it feel to be an accomplished businesswoman?

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It feels good. I give all the glory to God. But accomplished? I don’t know because while the vision of making homeownership a dream for many people is still in progress, I don’t know if we are accomplished yet. Yes, God has done many things. But I know he still has a lot to do and we are watching him and believing in him for more.

Your organization is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Could you tell us about the theme of the celebration?

The theme of our congress is “One World, One Network”. In the beginning, when we started, what we could see was Africa. This is why our name is Property World Africa Network. But on March 12, this name will change from Property World Africa Network to Property World Affiliates Network. We now have many affiliates and we have them in the UK, USA, Canada and everywhere. It is therefore no longer a question of Africa; it’s now about everywhere we have PWAN Business Owners (PBOs). So, instead of One Africa One Network, it will become One World One Network. There are other reasons for this choice. We believe that if we can’t do it for the whole world, we can do it for the PWAN group, for the PWAN world. We can create something that can keep us together as one. We want a situation where wherever you are, you are a member of the PWAN family; we are one.

How did you build this sprawling conglomerate from a very modest financial situation?

We wanted a situation where an agent can earn directly from the company, without sharing the commission with people. I love network marketing so I created a plan using this reward system through which an agent can earn money from the company. So if you bring in a transaction, you can keep the commission, and then the company pays the other people involved. It was just the simple idea that led to it all. This simple idea practically revolutionized the industry. Today, this model is adopted by all real estate professionals. Everyone pays a commission. Where a person used to carry and eat all the commission, now he pays it. One thing I’ve always done, as I explained in the seminar last time, is all you share multiples. That’s the funny thing. You think that when you share, it diminishes. No, when you split it into multiples. This is the simple model that this organization has built. From the first year of PWAN, I told the president that we had to start creating affiliates. Between the president and me, I usually find most of the ideas we run on. Until today, I still find most of the ideas. I created the business model. The president is quick with execution. It’s the winning combination. There are so many real estate companies but none of these companies are making much money in Nigeria. None of them have the kind of impact that PWAN has.

What impact has the PWAN group had on people, real estate and the nation as a whole?

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One thing that I know PWAN Group has given a lot of people is hope. Of course, in the real estate sector, we have changed the face of an industry in ten years of existence. And you can see that real estate companies are popping up pretty much hourly because of this business model, because of the awareness that has been created by the PWAN group across the country. By March 12, which marks our tenth anniversary, we will have a PWAN presence in every state in Nigeria. We asked everyone to rent an office for PWAN in each state. From there, we will interview the branch people. And, from wherever they are, they will go to Abuja for their training and then go to their posts. We want to create hundreds of thousands of job opportunities across the country. We need to create millions of opportunities all over the world. We know what to do; all we need is God’s time and favor. And the job ? We are taking care of it. The beauty of this organization is that we never tire of doing our job; we just have fun doing it. Last year I sent quotes to people and told them that investing in real estate is good, but investing in people is better. Investing in people sustained this organization at a very critical time when competition was coming from the right, left, front, back and center, and de-marketing the group.

You devote time to philanthropic activities for widows. Can you tell us a bit about it?

I don’t even do it every year. I do it monthly. I used to give 100,000 naira to 12 women every month to start a business. I chose to do it with women because I noticed that a woman can achieve something with a little capital than a man. For example, this business started with N15,000 which we used to print flyers. My husband shared the flyers. I give N100,000 to 12 women, and next month I give another set. This is what I chose to do for women. But as a company, we do a lot. Like our anniversary, it is in the hands of the planning committee. They chose to do a lot for different segments of the needy. I know many lives will be touched by this. This time I will be empowering ten women from each state of the federation with N50,000; it will be N18,000,000 to mark our tenth anniversary.

You always look fashionable. How to keep your look trendy?

I have a caring husband. I have a stress free home. We have a peaceful home. If there is good health and you have peace in your home, you will be fine. Law? Everyone has something to worry about.

But I want to say that I don’t think I have much to worry about. I have peace at home. I have a great husband. I have beautiful children. I have a business that we love to do. I trust the organization.

It is only God who can help one to maintain balance to have a level of balance. I think He does for me.