June 29, 2022

EVgo Selected as Electric Vehicle Charging Network Provider for Portland, Maine

Public-private partnership to bring EVgo’s reliable and convenient charging infrastructure to Maine’s largest city

EVgo inc. EVGO, the nation’s largest public electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging network and the first to be powered by 100% renewable electricity, today announced that it has been selected as the City of Portland’s partner to deploy a electric vehicle charging infrastructure on city-owned properties. Through this partnership, EVgo will install eight DC Fast Chargers (DCFCs) and up to 44 Level 2 chargers in Portland, Maine.

EVgo is North America’s first electric vehicle charging network powered by 100% renewable electricity, in line with Portland’s commitment to provide more options for the city’s fleet and residents to reduce their carbon emissions. The City of Portland is committed to reducing emissions by 80% by 2050 and transitioning to 100% clean energy for municipal needs by 2040. With approximately 30% of the city’s carbon emissions City of Portland each year from the transportation sector, this partnership deploying a combination of fast charging and level 2 charging in the city will be essential to enable drivers to go electric and be able to charge their vehicles in the city.

“EVgo is excited to be working with the City of Portland, Maine to bring electric vehicle charging solutions to city sites to help residents, visitors and the city fleet transition to electric driving. said Colin Murchie, Senior Director of Business Development. at EVgo. “Portland has always been a place that recognizes the different ways to navigate a ship, and a combination of fast charging and level 2 charging is exactly what teachers, city workers, residents and visitors to Portland need to meet their needs as they transition to electric vehicles.”

“Portland residents need to feel confident about charging before purchasing an electric vehicle,” said city sustainability director Troy Moon. “That’s why we are working with EVgo to create charging stations in neighborhoods with a large number of multi-family buildings. Residents who do not have access to home charging will be able to plug in their vehicle near their home, then go about their business while he charges.”

Once installed, EVgo’s DC fast chargers will provide Portland drivers with access to chargers over 100kW, capable of charging up to 80% in 15-45 minutes. * Level 2 charging stations will allow teachers and city employees to access workplace charging during school hours. Chargers in school parking lots will also be available for public use during times when school is not in session. Plus, Portland drivers will enjoy all the benefits of EVgo’s extensive industry-leading network in more than 30 states, with its proven reliability, wide geographic reach, and 24/7 customer support.

For more information on the locations of fast chargers within EVgo’s charging network, visit www.evgo.com.

*Actual charging speed depends on vehicle charging capacity.

About EVgo

EVgo EVGO is the largest public fast-charging network for electric vehicles in the country and the first to be powered by 100% renewable energy. With over 850 charging points, EVgo’s owned and operated charging network serves more than 60 metropolitan areas in more than 30 states and approximately 340,000 customer accounts. Founded in 2010, EVgo is paving the way for the electrification of transport, in partnership with car manufacturers; fleet and ride-sharing operators; retail hosts such as hotels, shopping malls, gas stations and parking lot operators; and other stakeholders to deploy advanced charging technology to expand network availability and make it easier for drivers across the United States to experience the benefits of driving an electric vehicle. As a pioneer in charging technology, EVgo works closely with business and government leaders to accelerate the ubiquitous adoption of electric vehicles by delivering a reliable and convenient charging experience close to where drivers live, work and play, whether commuting or a commercial fleet.