September 30, 2022

ESPN reporter MA Voepel is grateful for the network’s support as he announces the transition to human


The longtime sportswriter comes out as transgender ahead of receiving the Gowdy Award from the Naismith Hall of Fame next month because he wants to “do this as an authentic self”.

AceShowbiz – ESPN journalist MA Voepel became transgender. The sports journalist announced on Twitter on Tuesday August 9 that he was switching to masculine and that he would henceforth use the pronouns he/him.

Voepel, who previously went by Mechelle Voepel, opened up about her story in a series of tweets. “In sports media, we have the chance to tell the stories of other people’s journeys. We have our own too,” he began. “Part of mine is being transgender, and I’m becoming a man. Now talk about MA Voepel, pronouns he/him. Feel free to call me Voepel, MV, Michael, Mike; I I agree with them all.”

Voepel said he decided to speak candidly about his transition before receiving the Gowdy Award from the Naismith Hall of Fame next month because he wanted to “do this as an authentic self”. He shared, “I have the great honor of receiving the Gowdy Award next month from the Naismith Hall of Fame, and I wanted to do it as an authentic me, hence this announcement now. Fear can keep us paralyzed for decades, especially when we think we are going to lose everything that is dear to us, including the career…”

Throughout his career, ESPN remains supportive of his decision. “At some point you realize you have to believe that your happiness/well-being is worth pursuing, and also believe in the kindness and grace of others,” he added. “Grateful for a company that supports all of its employees, for great family and friends, and for societal progress…”

He went on to conclude, “I may look and sound a little different. Happy to be who I’ve always been on the inside. Dedication to covering women’s sports, a joy of a lifetime. life as well as a job, and an admiration for everyone involved – players, coaches, managers, fans, referees, colleagues – it remains exactly the same. Thank you!”

Tweets by MA Voepel

ESPN reporter MA Voepel has come out as transgender.

Voepel has since received messages of support from several ESPN personalities, including TJ Quinn who wrote “Proud to have you as a colleague”. The WNBA added in a tweet, “Congratulations MV sending all of our best.”

Meanwhile, ESPN immediately changed the pronouns to he/him in Voepel’s biography on its Press Room website. According to the company, he joined in 1996 as a women’s college and professional basketball writer, and since then has covered other college sports as well.

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