September 30, 2022

Cancer Survivor Shares Importance of Children’s Miracle Network Support

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Enjoying a great music festival is just the way to support kids struggling with health issues.

Country Stampede is partnering with Children’s Miracle Network this year. Kaydence Hare, 9, of Topeka knows firsthand why support is so important.

Kaydence loves to dance and she loves fashion.

“You can have fun with your friends on stage (when you dance),” she said. “I think (being) a fashion designer is a way of expressing yourself through fabric.”

She also remembers a very special friend.

“He’s always smiling and he’s fun and he makes everything positive. He would dress me as Doc McStuffins and he would be my patient,” she said with a smile.

Kaydence is about a man who worked as a child life specialist at Stormont Vail Health, when she was a patient undergoing cancer treatments.

Her mother Cori says Kaydence was diagnosed with Wilms tumor, a form of kidney cancer, when she was 15 months old. She underwent surgery to remove her right kidney and, a year and a half later, battled cancer in her other kidney.

“Kaydence has been through quite a lot,” Cori said.

Still, the stories Kaydence tells about her treatment are filled with lighthearted moments.

“Every time I went to surgery, they gave me a popsicle,” she recalls. “You have to choose between orange-red or purple – and I’ve always chosen oranges.”

Cori is happy with these memories.

“When Kaydence remembers the hospital, she really doesn’t have a lot of negative memories. She has a lot of positive memories and a lot of it has to do with the funds that are being raised through the Children’s Miracle Network,” said she declared.

Stormont Vail is Topeka’s Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Money donated to CMN provides equipment for Stormont NICU; supports the breastfeeding clinic; provides toys, iPads and games for pediatric areas; and funds child life specialists, who provide children with entertainment and explanations at their level.

“These things might seem simple, but they mean so much when you’re working with kids who – they’re going through their hospital experience for the first time and it’s scary and overwhelming and these people can really support them,” Hannah said. Maddy. , head of the CMN program at Stormont.

Maddy says CMN relies on community partners like Walmart, Dairy Queen, Panda Express and, for the first time this year, Country Stampede to make their programs possible.

“The amazing thing about CMN is that all of those dollars stay local,” she said. “We help children in the 15-county area we serve – children in Manhattan, children here in Topeka, children in Holton, Hiawatha.”

Mel Cori is grateful for the support that has made Kaydence a happy, cancer-free nine-year-old. Other than an annual exam of her remaining kidney, she can do just about anything.

“It’s amazing,” Cori said. “Most people who don’t know her would never know what she went through until she told her story.”

Kaydence is proud of how its history has unfolded.

“I’m a strong girl now,” she said. “I did it.”

Country Stampede offers promo codes that allow people to get a discount on tickets. Every time it is used, they will donate to CMN. For example, “STORMONT22” gets $30 off three-day general admission, and Stampede donates $30 to CMN. Buy your tickets by clicking here.

Country Stampede Discount Code Campaign:

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Other ways to help Children’s Miracle Network:

Walmart Round Up Campaign (until July 10)

Club Car Wash $10 Tuesdays (every Tuesday) – $10 discounted car wash, with $1 donated to CMN at Stormont Vail with every wash

Panda Express Round Up takes place in February

IHop National Pancake Day and Dairy Queen Dip It for Kids is in March

Ace April Round Up and Ace Bucket Days are held several times a year

Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day is in July

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