August 7, 2022

Apple iPhone 12 series Google Fi 5G network support status

The Apple iPhone 12 series was released last year and all of its devices support 5G connectivity. Network service providers such as T-Mobile offer 5G network coverage for the iPhone 12 series.

This means that both T-Mobile iPhone 12 series devices and unlocked iPhone 12 series devices can have 5G network access in areas where T-Mobile 5G is available.

IPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

However, Google Fi users have been waiting for 5G network support to arrive on their iPhone 12 series devices.

While iPhone 12 series users get 5G coverage from T-Mobile, Google Fi, which uses T-Mobile’s network for its services, does not support 5G coverage on the latest iPhone series.

As a reminder, Google released a statement to 9to5Google last year saying it was working to fix the said issue.

Google has confirmed to us the current lack of 5G support on the iPhone 12, but that it works to resolve… At present, 5G Fi is not supported on the iPhone 12 series; we will keep customers informed of the latest news through our help center.

However, it’s been almost six months and the tech giant has yet to elaborate on it.


Additionally, the Google Fi help page still states that the latest iPhone series is not supported by Fi’s 5G coverage.

The same is the case with the Google Fi compatibility page for the iPhone 12 series. Additionally, there are many discussion threads about this issue in the Google support community.

Google Fi-5G-coverage-not-available-for-iPhone-12

Most Fi subscribers blamed Google for this problem and the answers from community experts are just not satisfied. Additionally, most of the Google community threads on the topic have been locked for unknown reasons.

This is definitely a snap for Google Fi subscribers as there is no point in using a service that has compatibility issues with a compatible device.

It is not yet clear whether the issue should be addressed by Google or Apple, but it has been causing inconvenience to regular users for some time now.

Several Google support community threads on the issue
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Hopefully, the tech giants quickly shed some light on the issue or resolve it completely, as the burden of providing services falls on the providers, not the consumers.

That said, we’ll continue to follow this for further development and update this story as more details emerge.

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