September 30, 2022

Agravitae is the global direct sales/network marketing company representing a range of Graviola Superfood Premium products from floor to shelf

TUSTIN, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/July 12, 2022/ For generations, graviola (soursop) fruit has been revered as a powerful superfood. Grown only in tropical regions, graviola is a best-kept secret because its extremely short shelf life has made transportation nearly impossible.

Agravitae, a premium wellness company, recently invested in proprietary manufacturing processes and technological advancements to bring graviola-infused products directly to US consumers while preserving the nutrients of this amazing plant.

Graviola is becoming the next superfood in demand

Natural health practitioners praise graviola for its high nutrient content, including antioxidants, phytosterols, tannins, and flavonoids. The fruit supports the immune and digestive systems, as well as healthy skin and hair. Graviola leaves also contain beneficial compounds, including those that help maintain healthy cholesterol levels as well as gastrointestinal health.

Agravitae’s Soil-to-Shelf Story Begins at TKO Farms in Belize

The world’s best graviola fruit is grown by TKO Farms in Belize, the largest graviola farm in the world. TKO Farms is home to clean air, rich soil and serene sunlight providing idyllic growing conditions for graviola.

This 912-acre farm features graviola hand-planted by legendary local farmers. Their methodologies are passed down from generation to generation through centuries-old traditions and blended with environmentally friendly agricultural techniques to produce potently enriching bioactive botanical nutrients.

“Agravitae oversees the entire quality control process for our premium wellness products, beginning with our exclusive partnership with TKO Farms,” ​​says Founder and President Ken Owen. “We are steeped in tradition and grounded in proven science. Our highest intention is to provide premium, agriculturally-derived, plant-based nutrients in our graviola-infused products.

Agravitae Announced Direct Sales/Network Marketing Opportunities

The company is creating a network of Independent Business Owners to exclusively represent its rapidly growing line of luxury products in many of today’s most in-demand categories.

Agravitae’s graviola-infused luxury health and wellness products include coffee bars, cocoa bars, a premium skincare line, and artisanal herbal teas. All of these unique products are made using exclusive processes to retain as many nutrients as possible.

“Agravitae is firmly rooted in respecting, protecting and relying on ‘Mother Earth’ as ​​a provider and sustainer of life. We are excited to introduce our premium graviola-infused products to consumers who use their purchasing power to support brands with a mission,” concludes Owen.

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About Agravitae

Agravitae is an innovative supplier and marketer of luxury graviola-infused health, wellness and skincare products. Using a truly holistic product development approach, steeped in tradition, grounded in science, and driven by the belief that true health is living in harmony with the law of nature, nutrient-dense, Graviola-infused products ‘Agravitae are now available to consumers worldwide.

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